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iPhone Battery Repair

iPhone Battery Repair

We all love our Apple iPhones, but the truth is that we despise their battery life. Not only does poor battery life hinder us from performing the most important things in our everyday lives at the most critical times, but it also slows down the iPhone. 

With continued use, the battery's lifespan will decline. According to Apple, an iPhone battery may be charged up to 500 times before its performance begins to deteriorate. Every time we charge our iPhone, it goes through one cycle, and charging it continuously for 1.5 to 2 years would reduce the battery's lifespan.

Fixable is a New York-based company that offers iPhone battery replacement services. We have a lot of experience with iPhone battery repair and have a lot of pleased iPhone repair customers in New York.

Please come in and visit us if any symptoms of battery appear on your iPhone. By replacing your iPhone battery, we could save you a lot of trouble. You don't want the iPhone battery to grow, risking harm to the frame and LCD. It's always great to be proactive and stay ahead of these issues! We're only here to assist you!


What devices do you repair?

We repair almost all Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google devices. We also fix MacBooks and iPads in addition to the iPhone and Galaxy series. We can also fix most other devices, so give us a call with your unique problem.

Do you offer a warranty on Apple iPhone battery replacement?

Yes. A warranty covers our parts and labor. If any of the repairs we perform deteriorates or malfunctions, we will repair the phone or tablet for the rest of its life. However, this guarantee does not cover accidental damage. To learn more, please read our warranty page. 

How do I get my device fixed?

You can book an appointment whether you want your device to get repaired in your home or our store. Our skilled specialists will arrive on time when you book your repair service through our website.

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