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We fix phones in Manhattan

We repair your damaged phones with our 10 years of experience. This is more than phone repair. We make your life easier with new solution: We come to you!

For us, customer satisfaction comes first. If you are satisfied, then everything is fine.




Cell phone repair in Manhattan.

Got your phone damaged? Don't worry, everything is fixable. All you have to do is call Fixabledevice. We provide 7/24 cell phone repair in Manhattan with our specialized team. Apple, Samsung, LG or Google phones? - we fix it.

Just in 30 minutes 

We come to you phone repair

FixableDevice comes to you with 30 minutes turn around time and 3-month warranty advantage. Remember that new neighbor you

met last week is a phone repairman? Let it go. FixableDevice - This is the best phone repair service you can get in Manhattan.

Same old problems, New fixable ways

 We come to you

The world is not flat, online - just click and get your phone fixed. No need to look for a door-to-door repairman anymore. FixableDevice comes to you with just one click or one call.
Just sit down and see magic happen. This is new fixable approach to same old problems.

Book your phone repair now.

What’s the problem?
Most effective solution in Manhattan

What's the problem - Screen got broken or the phone completely fell into the water? You may not be able to do anything when the device slips from your hand, but calling us is in your hand.

This is the most effective solution you can get.

We care
We care you and your device

Searching places to fix phone? Safety is most important thing at this moment. Safety is what we care about when repairing your phone from A to Z.

Get in touch. We care you and your device.

Time is precious
Time-saving solution on phone repair in


Time is running fast. We know that your time is precious and we produce a solution for it. No more wasting time on phone repair in Manhattan.Time-saving solution on phone repair in Manhattan

Safety first

We care your safety

In today's conditions, security and safety has become more important than anything else. FixableDevice cares about your safety. This is the most important feature that distinguishes us from other phone repair shops.

Professional approach

You are in the right place

An expert approach is important. We promise a 90-day warranty, relying on our experience. You are in the right place.

Everything is fixable

iPhone screen replacement comes to you with 30 minutes turn around time, 90 days warranty and competitive cost advantage!

Keep in mind, everything is fixable.

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